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Audio Adapters


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Catalog Number Insulation Resistance Description
SI-550L 500 megohms @ 500 VDC
SI-550 500 megohms @ 500 VDC
SI-551 1/4" Phone Jack to 1/4" Phone Jack Mono
SI-552 RCA Male to 2 RCA Female
SI-553 RCA Male to RCA Female/RCA Male
SI-554 2 RCA Female to 1/4 Phone Plug
SI-555 1/4" Female to Male RCA
SI-561 1/4" Phone Plug to RCA Female
SI-564 1/4" Phone Jack to 3.5mm Phone Plug
SI-562 RCA Female to RCA Female
SI-558 3.5mm Stereo Plug to 1/4" Stereo Phone Jack
SI-556 (2) 1/4" Phone Jack to 1/4" Phone Plug
SI-565 RCA Female Jack Panel Mount
SI-566 RCA Female Jack Panel Mount
SI-567 500 megohms @ 500 VDC
SI-568 500 megohms @ 500 VDC
SI-569 RCA Jack Cable Mount
SI-569A 3.5mm Cable Mount Stereo

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