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Functional - Close match but slight differences may exist that should not affect product application or performance.
Dimensional - Applies mainly to insulators where length is equal but electrical values may be different.
Electrical - Applies mainly to insulators where electrical values are equal but the overall length may be different.
Catalog - This is not equal but the MNS catalog number shown takes you to a catalog page of representative parts.

MNS has compiled this cross-reference data for the convenience of our customers. MNS does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. The use of the term “Direct Equal” indicates the suggested part has similar dimensions and ratings but manufacturing methods and designs may prevent them from being exact. While MNS judges these cross-references to be an alignment of MNS products with competitor’s products, it is still the responsibility of the purchaser to insure that the product is compatible with the intended application. Please refer to the applicable on-line catalog page for current information on MNS products. If you have any questions please contact your local MNS sales representative.

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