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J Hooks

Provides ability to organize and support large numbers of cables

Maintains optimal cable performance by preventing damage associated with point loading

Wide base prevents pinch points and allows for cable to follow natural bends

Provides inexpensive alternative to cable trays
Ideal design for use with range of cables including fiber optic, CAT 5E, 6, 7 and others

Cable retaining clip included

Variety of options allow product to be attached to vertical and overhead surfaces
Constructed of quality steel, zinc electroplated


Catalog Number Size (in.) CAT5E Cable Capacity Standard Pack Quantity Carton Weight (Lbs.)
SI-6935-12 3/4 20 50 6
SI-6935-21 1-5/16 40 25 10
SI-6935-32 2 80 25 13
SI-6935-64 4 300 10 32

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