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Isolation Switch

The MacLean Isolation Switch acts as an access point used in marker posts and underground vaults. The switch is a safe and secure location to attach a ground wire and up to 5 tracer wires. Rotating the switch allows an operator to toggle between a fully grounded system and a status where all the tracer wires are isolated. Color coded terminals allow for secure and easy to identify directional attachment points for tracing equipment.


Application Provides continuous grounding of tracer wires as well as the ability to isolate up to five individual tracer wires with one turn of the switch. Features Copper ground lugs and nuts for superior electrical contact • Fits within:

  • Most Marker Posts
  • Buried Access Points
  • Underground vaults
Single tool (can wrench) operation for:
  • Tightening all 6 threaded terminals (7/16” hex)
  • Open and close isolation (7/16” hex)
  • Tightens ground lug (3/8” hex)
  • Ground lugs are standard on all switches
Colored hex nuts allow easy tracer wire directional identification Options
  • Standard product is “Communications” Orange
  • Other standard Utility colors available

Catalog Number Color Industry # of Positions Terminals
SI-8000 Orange Communications 6 Standard
SI-8000-3 Orange Communications 3 Standard
SI-8000-TS Orange Communications 6 Long
SI-8000-3TS Orange Communications 3 Long
SI-8001 Yellow Gas 6 Standard
SI-8001-3 Yellow Gas 3 Standard
SI-8001-TS Yellow Gas 6 Long
SI-8001-3TS Yellow Gas 3 Long
SI-8002 Blue Water 6 Standard
SI-8002-3 Blue Water 3 Standard
SI-8002-TS Blue Water 6 Long
SI-8002-3TS Blue Water 3 Long

Note: -TS indicates longer terminal length option
-VB includes a vault bracket

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